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Celebrate Spin Bot’s global launch with free shipping.

Spin Bot

When a phone grip meets a fidget spinner.

Grip it

One-handed? Check.
Secure? Check.
Selfie? Click.


Anxiety? Boredom?
So 2020.

Prop it

Kick it.
Stream it.
Binge it.

Post it

To the dash. To the fridge.
To the. . . anything.

Mounts coming soon.

Spin it

One, two, four minute glide.
Create optical illusions or hypnotize. Oh, and secret messages.

Bond it

Works with all phone sizes and most cases.

Pop it

There when you need it.
Not when you don’t.

Stow it

Out of the way.
Never too far away.

Style it

Make it personal. Make it yours. Mix & match bots with tops.

Bot Gizmos & Gadgets has you covered

Free shipping

For a limited time.

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